Really Flickr?

16 12 2009

Really Flickr?, originally uploaded by LukeyMoo.

Video – “It’s like a photo, but it moves!”

Ohhh how exciting! Such a revolutionary idea! Moving pictures!


The thing with two heads

16 12 2009

The thing with two heads, originally uploaded by LukeyMoo.

This movie is so terrible it’s awesome. A racist doctor gets a black inmates body- but there’s a twist! The inmate must remain attatched until it is sure that the body will not reject it’s new head. The special effects are tragically comical. If you have the means, I highly suggest you pick this movie up.

New Prank

16 12 2009

facebookHere’s an idea I’ve always wanted to do:

1. Pick a victim on facebook
2. Photoshop them very well into an album
3. Tag them in it
4. Convince them they were there. Don’t admit they weren’t there. No matter what.

Life Goal(s):

16 12 2009

LG-See the northern lights
-Pull a Bear Grylls- Survive for a week or so with only knife/flint/canteen.
-have servant take a robe off of my body
-climb something/jump off something with knife in mouth
(in this case, it must be absolutely necessary that the knife is in my mouth)
-tell one of my body guards to “chill”

People Who Annoy Me

18 01 2009

pwam-Adults who make noises with their straws

-People who laugh out loud while reading US weekly

-People who snore in public

-People who say things like “LOL” (el oh el), “JK” (jay kay), and “OMG” (oh em gee) out loud

The Goldfish Theory:

18 01 2009

Goldfish are the perfect cure for the munchies. They’re baked 24/7, so it just feels right. Goldfish

Life Goal

18 01 2009

LGPick a girl up in a bar by playing the “ow-ow!” riff on my guitar as she walks by.